June 6, 2000

Copying Files

Question: Is there a simple way of copying a file from one directory to another? Answer: There is no predefined convenient method for copying a file from oneplace to another.

No Response From Server Process

Question: When I use onstat -d, the message “No response from server process” pops up. Then I can’t shutdown the database or do any other jobs. I could use dbaccess,

DWORD Equivalent

Question: I’m trying to translate from VC++ to Java. Can you declare a variableDWORD in Java? If not, what is the Java equivalent? Also, what is theequivalent for HINSTANCE? Answer:

Preprocessor Support

Question: Is there something similar to the C/C++ compiler directive #ifdef,#define, and #endif in Java? I would like to compiledebugging code conditionally. Answer: This is one of the first questions

Exception.what() Gives Vague Description

Question: I’m using a catch(exception e). When I come in the catch-block and print the message belonging to the exception, I receive the message “9exception.” What does it mean? Answer:

Return Values from Java to Unix

Question: I am calling a java program from a Unix script and passing threeparameters. Once the Java program is done, I want to return two valuesback to the Unix program

TextField Max Characters

Question: How do I restrict the number of characters to be entered in a TextField? Answer: Setting a maximum character count is not a built-in function ofTextField. You have to

Standard Input Exception

Question: Why do I have to catch an exception when I use System.in.read()? Answer: System.in is an InputStream, and like any InputStream, an I/O errormay occur when you read from