June 6, 2000

Return Values from Java to Unix

Question: I am calling a java program from a Unix script and passing threeparameters. Once the Java program is done, I want to return two valuesback to the Unix program

Standard Input Exception

Question: Why do I have to catch an exception when I use Answer: is an InputStream, and like any InputStream, an I/O errormay occur when you read from

System Shutdown

Question: Is there an API that I can use to sense that the system is shutting down? Answer: Up until just recently the answer was no. But Sun keeps on

Change Task Print Layout

Question: How can I change the form used to print tasks? I would like it to print more than one line of notes. Answer: The standard form for printing a

Java Directory Guidelines

Question: Are there any guidelines for what the directory structure of a Java-based project should be? Answer: The only real guidelines govern the layout of your source code. Yourdirectories should

Date Conversion

Question: Can you point me at or come up with a generic class that allows date manipulation and storage without running into OS-specific or February 29 or Y2K issues? Answer:

Copying Files

Question: Is there a simple way of copying a file from one directory to another? Answer: There is no predefined convenient method for copying a file from oneplace to another.

Exception.what() Gives Vague Description

Question: I’m using a catch(exception e). When I come in the catch-block and print the message belonging to the exception, I receive the message “9exception.” What does it mean? Answer: