June 6, 2000

System Shutdown

Question: Is there an API that I can use to sense that the system is shutting down? Answer: Up until just recently the answer was no. But Sun keeps on

Change Task Print Layout

Question: How can I change the form used to print tasks? I would like it to print more than one line of notes. Answer: The standard form for printing a

Java Directory Guidelines

Question: Are there any guidelines for what the directory structure of a Java-based project should be? Answer: The only real guidelines govern the layout of your source code. Yourdirectories should

Date Conversion

Question: Can you point me at or come up with a generic class that allows date manipulation and storage without running into OS-specific or February 29 or Y2K issues? Answer:

HTML Pop-Up Menus Rendering Issues

Pop-up menus in normal HTML pages are usually implemented using Layers (DIV tag). However, the leading browser applications in the market have this known problem with layers: if a pop-up

Convert Form Collection into a String

You can convert the entire Request.Form collection into a single string variable just by referencing the collection without specifying the key or index.The format of the string would look like