June 12, 2000

The binary_search Algorithm

STL’s binary_search() algorithm traverses a sequence and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the sought-after element exists in that sequence. binary_search() is declared in the header as follows: bool binary_search

Useful STL Terminology

Here are some key terms that you may find useful for reading Standard Template Library (STL) literature and documentation. ContainerA container is an object that stores objects as its elements.

Blocking Object Copying and Assignment

To block copying and assignment of an object, explicitly declare the assignment operator and copy constructor private. Don’t define them, (there’s no point in defining them because they can’t be

Insert Statement Problem

Question: I am facing a problem with the following SQL stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE usp_CreateAdminUser /*Input Parameters for the Create Admin User */ @FullName varchar(100), @Telephone varchar(50), @Email varchar(50), @Address1

SQL Server Stored Procedures

Question: I have a stored procedure that takes a costcenterid (int) as an input parameter. The user wants to search on an unspecified number of costcenters each time. I use

Creating Tables with Variable Names

Question: Is it possible to create tables in stored procedures using a variable for the table name? For instance: declare @MyNameset @MyName = ‘dbo.Unique_Name’create table @MyName … This obviously doesn’t