June 21, 2000

Dbspace Marked Down

Question: I have tried to reorganize Informix chunks on my disks. So I stopped the Informix and started to copy chunks to a new location with a cplv command (AIX).

Incorrect Rounding with Math.pow

Question: I have noticed that all rounding to x decimals scripts uses the following format: tenToPower = Math.pow(10, nDecimals);newNumber = String((Math.round(nNumber * tenToPower) / tenToPower)); However, that doesn’t work with

History Information

Question: Is it possible to display the address of the previous Web site as a string so that I can use it elsewhere? Answer: If the user got to your

Use SQL Server Savepoints Intelligently

You can use savepoints in rolling back portions of transactions to predefined locations. A T-SQL savepoint defines a location to which a transaction can return if part of the transaction

Creating a Drop-Down List File in ASP

Using this tip, you can create a drop-down list, which is populated from a database, and include it in a Web (ASP) page. This will basically increase the performance via