June 22, 2000

Populate a Flexgrid With Desired Columns and Filtered Rows

Populate a flexgrid control with specified columns and filtered rows by drawing the control and calling this routine: Dim strWhere As StringstrWhere = ” WHERE PeopleAddressesID=4502″Call PopulateFlexGrid(Me.MSFGrid, “tblPeopleAddresses”, strWhere,”PeopleAddressesID”, “BuildingName”,

Counting Across a Row

Question: I have a table that stores test answers. It looks something like this: Student Date_taken Q1 Q2 Q3 … Q78 If each question (Q%) is true/false (ENUM(”,’T’,’F’)), how do

DTS to Excel File

Question: I tried a DTS export of a table to an Excel file. The data types of all the columns in the table are varchar. When it exports to the

Filtering a Recordset

If you have a recordset already created and want to filter it by some criteria, you can use the Filter property of the recordset to do it. Just change the

Back-Referencing A Matched Element

You can use the dot operator (.) in XSL transformation stylesheets to refer to, effectively, “whatever element was just identified.” Let’s say you had this template in a stylesheet: Say

Stack Recordset Returns

If you’re getting a bunch of data for an ASP page, you can retrieve all the data through a single stored procedure and through a single call. Here’s what your