June 28, 2000

Conditional Compiling and Project References

Question: I am trying to support an application that needs to support DAO 3.51 and 3.6.How do I insert a project reference like this as a conditional compiler option? Answer:

Linking Forms

Question: How do I use a CommandButton to link Forms? Answer: The Show method of a form can be used to show a second form from within another.

WAP SDK on Macintosh

Question: Is there a WAP SDK emulator available for the Mac platform? Answer: In a perfect WORE (Write Once, Run Everywhere) world, the Java-based emulators should run on Macintosh. I’m

WML With JSP and JavaBeans

Question: How do I create a simple WML application with JSP and Beans? Answer: Be sure to set your content output type appropriately and just have it generate the WML.

Variable Within Quotation

Question: Can you put a variable within quotations?For example: Shell “Explorer.exe (?var)” Answer: You have to concatenate the two strings together. If your variable is named var, you would call