June 28, 2000

Counting the Number of Records in
a Recordset

Editor’s Note: This tip is an update to a previous Tip of the Day. Jai Bardhan claims to have a “better solution” for counting records in a recordset. It is true that the Recordset object, created by the Open or Execute functions of the ADODB object, has a RecordCount property

Change Comma-Separated Strings to Arrays

You can use the Visual Basic split function to convert a comma-separated string to an array. The function allows you to send a string as an IN parameter of a function instead of sending an array. Then the string can be converted into an array using this function. Here’s an

Use ADO “Prompt” Property to Allow the User to Initialize the Provider

Prompt is a dynamic property that OLE DB providers can use to allow the user to input customized initialization information, typically through a dialog box. The OLE DB provider may append this property to the Connection object’s Properties collection. To use a value other than the default, the Prompt property

Conditional Compiling and Project References

Question: I am trying to support an application that needs to support DAO 3.51 and 3.6.How do I insert a project reference like this as a conditional compiler option? Answer: Library references have to be added to the project file; that is, through the References dialog. If you need to,

Linking Forms

Question: How do I use a CommandButton to link Forms? Answer: The Show method of a form can be used to show a second form from within another.

Retrieving a Value From an Underlying Form

Question: I have form that has a command button on it, and when it’s clicked, it opens another form. I want to be able to set some values on the active form based on the values of the calling form. I can’t seem to find in the Help, or any

WAP SDK on Macintosh

Question: Is there a WAP SDK emulator available for the Mac platform? Answer: In a perfect WORE (Write Once, Run Everywhere) world, the Java-based emulators should run on Macintosh. I’m not sure, however, how feasible that is, since there are some complications with installing JDK 1.2 on Macintoshes. Macintoshes are

WML With JSP and JavaBeans

Question: How do I create a simple WML application with JSP and Beans? Answer: Be sure to set your content output type appropriately and just have it generate the WML.

Variable Within Quotation

Question: Can you put a variable within quotations?For example: Shell “Explorer.exe (?var)” Answer: You have to concatenate the two strings together. If your variable is named var, you would call the Shell statement like this: Shell “Explorer.exe ” & var

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