June 28, 2000

Sort Date in Descending Order

Question: My SQL statement at the moment is: SELECT * FROM NewsItemsHow do I sort the dates in descending order? Answer: Use the ORDER BY clause to sort the results

Include Files in VB 6.0

Question: Is it possible in VB 6.0 to include pieces of code through an include- or importstatement like the C #include-preprocessor command or the Cobol copy-statement? Answer: You can add

Group by Score with IIF()

Question: What can I use in SQL that does the same thing that IIF(test,TruePart,FalsePart) does in Access? Answer: You can achieve the same result using the aggregate function COUNT and

If/Then Statement

Question: I am building an e-commerce site with SQL as the database. When an order is placed, how do I have the database set the HandlingCharge column to 5 if

Informix to SQL 7

Question: How do I convert Informix Database to SQL Server 7, or even to Access? Answer: First, you need to create the identical database in SQL7 or Access (same field