Use ADO “Prompt” Property to Allow the User to Initialize the Provider

Prompt is a dynamic property that OLE DB providers can use to allow the user to input customized initialization information, typically through a dialog box. The OLE DB provider may append this property to the Connection object’s Properties collection.

To use a value other than the default, the Prompt property must be reset before reopening the Connection. However, don’t instruct the provider to prompt the user when the user interaction is nil (i.e., if the application is running on a server system instead of on the user’s client, or if the application is running on a system with no user logged on). In such scenarios, the application will seem to lock up because it waits indefinitely for a response.

Here’s an example of Prompt usage:

 Set objMyCn = New Connection objMyCn.Provider = YourProviderName objMyCn.Properties("Prompt") = adPromptNever    ' Don't prompt
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