June 29, 2000

Conversion of Unix Epoch Time in SQL

Question: How do I convert the Unix epoch time into a readable date/time format? Answer: Informix doesn’t have a built-in function that I know of for this. However, a function or stored procedure to do the conversion should be pretty simple to write—as long as you can find the correct

Changing Database Names

Question: How do I change the name of a database? Answer: From another database, maybe sysmaster, type: RENAME DATABASE oldname TO newname.

Search a file in a directory tree using the Imagehlp DLL

You can search a file in all the subdirectories of a given drive in VB using a recursive routine based on the Dir$ function, the FileSystemObject component, or the FindFirstFile/FindNextFile API functions. There is a fourth way you might want to try out, based on the SearchTreeForFile function embedded in

More Benefits of Creating Objects Using the <OBJECT> Tag

In a previous Tip of the Day I wrote, I advocated object creations using the tag for efficient server resource use. Another benefit of this approach is that, for the scope of the page, a valid object is always present. Therefore, errors like “object doesn’t exist” are not encountered. Also,