June 30, 2000

Calculating the Average of a Column

Question: I’m doing a Web front for a database that contains data about temperature. How do I calculate an average temperature using SQL code? Answer: Use the AVG function to

Forward Declaration for STL String Class

Question: How do I do a forward declaration for the STL ‘string’ class? For example: // Foo.hppclass string;class Foo{ string f1(); void f2(const string& str); …} On various compliers (MS,

Abstract Base Class(ABC) Creation

Question: How do I convert a class into an abstract base class without using a pure virtual member function in it? Answer: If your goal is to disable instantiation of

Using HitCounters in Your Page

Question: Where can I download the HitCount Component for ASP? Do I need to register it on the Web server also? Answer: FrontPage 98 ships with a hit counter component.

Submitting a Form with the Enter Key

Using the IE browser application, you can press the key while filling a form to submit the form. Indeed, this is a desirable feature for any Windows application. In order

What Are Design Patterns?

A design pattern is a design solution to a software problem that occurs within a specific, recurring set of situations. Let’s say you are making software for a problem situation

Use Asynchronicity for Speed

If you need to run a complicated query that returns a large recordset, ADO 2.1 gives you the best of both worlds. Sometimes you just need to put a recordset