June 30, 2000

Use Asynchronicity for Speed

If you need to run a complicated query that returns a large recordset, ADO 2.1 gives you the best of both worlds. Sometimes you just need to put a recordset

Delete All Records in a Table

If you find yourself repeating the same Execute method in different parts of your code when clearing tables, use this method instead to automate the process. When you already have

Scrolling DIVs

These days, most Web developers are discouraged from using frames (with good reason). However, users still like the functionality they provide. FRAME and IFRAME are handy scrolling containers, but you

Binary Search Routine For RDO

RDO does not have a FindFirst or Seek method, and as a programmer, you sometimes need to quickly move to a particular record. I had a user who wanted to

Preventing Client Caching

You may want to make sure that a client visiting your site cannot cache a particular Web page. However, setting the Response.Expires=0 does not always prevent a browser from caching

Add a Scripting Engine to Your Application

It’s easy to add scripting functionality to your VB project, especially if you have been developing through classes all along. The more classes you program, the more objects you can

Connect to Microsoft Excel Using OLE DB

Microsoft documentation says you can connect to Excel 97 or Excel 2000 using the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB 4.0 provider. If you use the Microsoft ADO Data Control, however, you will have problems.