July 7, 2000

Database Connectivity

Question: I am trying to connect to an Informix database via ODBC from Microsoft Access 2000. When I import a table from the Informix database, I see all the data.

Informix and ASP Error

Question: When I try to connect to an Informix database (via ASP) located on another machine on our LAN, I get the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC

Text Datatype

Question: How do I search a text datatype column in an Informix database? Answer: Try using one of the text search datablades, if you are running an engine that supports

Slow Report Generation

Question: I’m developing a VB client application (using VB5) with an Informix database in the backend. However, the report generation that Crystal Report incorporates has always been very slow. What

Calling a Help System

Question: Once I create a .chm help file with HTML Help Workshop, how do I call this help file from my .exe application? Answer: There is a simple answer and

Simple Component Testing

When creating ActiveX components, an easy way to test them is to add a module to the project (see the code below). In this module you can write methods that

Implement Catch All Blocks for Robustness

You can use Throwable class in catch block to catchall kinds of exceptions. This class is the base classof all errors and exceptions in the Java language. You can use

Overhead of Using Inner Classes

An interesting situation with method call overhead arises when you use inner classes. The inner class specification says that a private method of a class A can be used by