July 17, 2000

Transforming a String to Uppercase Letters

To change the case of all the letters in a string object, use the std::transform() algorithm. This algorithm is defined in the standard header . It takes four arguments. The

Tied iostream Objects

The standard streams cin and cout are automatically tied to each other. This means that whenever you’re using both of them, C++ ensures that their operation is synchronized. In other

iostream Objects and Complex Numbers

The standard stream objects support all built-in types as well as several classes of the Standard Library, e.g., std::string. If you’re using complex arithmetic, you’d be pleased to hear that

Releasing Database Locks

Question: How can I release all existing database locks for all the sessions a specific user has started? Answer: The easiest way probably is to log that user out. Otherwise,

ASP Error: ODBC Driver General Error

Question: I have been receiving the following (albeit general) error sporadically: “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driverserror ‘80004005’ [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]General error.” This error has occurred when the code

Date Time Values in Parameterized Queries

Question: I have a parameterized SQL statement like the following: “insert into eSession (ESessionID, eUserName, eLastActivityTime) VALUES(?,?,?)” It’s parameters are ‘bbb’,’name’ and ‘2000/01/01 22:23:25′, using an ODBC connection. I can’t

IMC and Latency

Question: Outbound messages are being delayed randomly. You can send them to the same host—sometimes they don’t queue up long enough to even see. Other times they are there for