July 17, 2000

Transforming a String to Uppercase Letters

To change the case of all the letters in a string object, use the std::transform() algorithm. This algorithm is defined in the standard header . It takes four arguments. The

Tied iostream Objects

The standard streams cin and cout are automatically tied to each other. This means that whenever you’re using both of them, C++ ensures that their operation is synchronized. In other

iostream Objects and Complex Numbers

The standard stream objects support all built-in types as well as several classes of the Standard Library, e.g., std::string. If you’re using complex arithmetic, you’d be pleased to hear that

Receiving Mail from the Internet

Question: How can I place my Exchange Server on a network with private addresses and have my MX record point to the server even though the server is behind a

Backup Exchange in Windows 2000

Question: I have a Windows 2000 server where I have installed the Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3. I want to do a backup, but the Exchange option is empty

Redirecting E-Mail

Question: How can I redirect mail sent to a particular mailbox to an external address? Answer: Outlook 2000 has the ability, in the Rules Wizard, to redirect mail. You’ll find