July 17, 2000

IMC and Latency

Question: Outbound messages are being delayed randomly. You can send them to the same host—sometimes they don’t queue up long enough to even see. Other times they are there for

Automating Backups

Question: Is there a command-line way to back up my Exchange databases without stopping the services, like the GUI can? Or, for that matter, is there any automated method of

Retrieving Messages After Restore

Question: This weekend I did a restore of my Information store. I had to do a repairmidway through. This morning, a few people have told me they can’t opensome mail

Cursors in Informix

Question: What is the purpose of using the fetch and declare cursor in Informix.4GL?How do you use the scroll cursor, and what are its advantages? Answer: Cursors allow you to

Running Ace Reports from Within 4GL

Question: My ace report/shell script did not wait for user intervention. I have solved that with: < mytty > mytty But now the screen needs refreshing with a CTRL-R.

Receiving Mail from the Internet

Question: How can I place my Exchange Server on a network with private addresses and have my MX record point to the server even though the server is behind a

Backup Exchange in Windows 2000

Question: I have a Windows 2000 server where I have installed the Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3. I want to do a backup, but the Exchange option is empty

Redirecting E-Mail

Question: How can I redirect mail sent to a particular mailbox to an external address? Answer: Outlook 2000 has the ability, in the Rules Wizard, to redirect mail. You’ll find

Create a Table with Autonumbering

Question: I’ve tried to create a table (for my guestbook) with an auto increment column. Here’s my statement: CREATE TABLE guestbook(id mediumint(8) NOT NULL KEY(PRI) default(0) auto_increment, name varchar(30) NOT