Retrieving Messages After Restore

Retrieving Messages After Restore

This weekend I did a restore of my Information store. I had to do a repairmidway through. This morning, a few people have told me they can’t opensome mail from Friday afternoon.

How do I get these messages back?

I suspect that you basically have two chances at it:

  1. Try ISINTEG with the -fix switch, and see if that is able to repair the problem.
  2. Restore from backup.

You don’t indicate why you had to do the repair after the restore, so I don’t know if it was a result of a faulty backup or just some problem that cropped up during the restoration process (i.e., another restore from the same backup might succeed).

The third option you have would be to use ESEUTIL, but in my opinion the restore from backup is preferable.


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