July 20, 2000

Determining Field Data Type

Question: Is there a non-platform-specific SQL way of determining what data type a given field is? Answer: That information is specific to each database. Every product stores its meta data

User-Defined Data Type in a Temporary Table

Question: Can I use a user-defined data type when defining a temporary table in a stored procedure? Answer: You can use user-defined data types in temporary tables, but remember one

Renaming a File

To rename a file, use the standard function rename() (declared in ). This function takes two arguments of type const char *, the first of which is the old name

Deleting a File

The standard function remove() deletes a file. It takes one argument of type const char * which is the name of the file to be deleted. You can provide a

Understanding Iterator Categories

The Standard Template Library defines five major categories of iterators. The following diagram illustrates these categories:input iterators output iterators / forward iterators | bidirectional iterators | random access iteratorsNote that