September 6, 2000

IIF Function Under SQL Server 7.0

Question: Is the IIF function valid under SQL server 7.0? It’s in the SQL Books Online as valid, but none of my stored procedures accept it. Answer: The IIF function

Rotate Ads on WAP

Question: How do you integrate an ad-serving technology (such as one by Doubleclick that enables you to rotate ads on a regular Web page) onto a cell phone or PDA?

Container of Pointers

Many programmers believe that by storing pointers instead of objects in a container, they improve performance. However, they forget that the pointers still refer to existing objects that must be

Understanding Stack Overflow

The stack is a region of memory on which local automatic variables are created and function arguments are passed. The implementation allocates a default stack size per process. On modern

Disabling Further Inheritance of a Class

To block a class from being derived any further, declare its constructor private. Next, add a public static member function Instance() that creates an instance of this class and returns

Nested Classes and Friendship

When you declare a nested class as a friend of its containing class, place the friend declaration after the declaration of the nested class, not before: class A // containing