September 14, 2000

Unable to Update Public/Free Busy Data

Question: I have one user who is getting an error when he has Outlook open. He’s unable to update public/free busy data. He’s the only user at that location who

Moving Large Mailboxes Overseas

Question: We currently have three Exchange 5.5 SP3 servers in California. We’re going to add one server in London and use x.400 connectors, but we’re not sure what the best

Create a NNTP Offline Server

Here’s the code to simulate a simple NNTP server that provides offline news reader support to WebReader. Hope you enjoy it. import java.util.*; import*; import*; class nntpServer {

Static and Object Initializers

Two types of initialization blocks (anonymous blocks) can be used to initialize class or instance variables in Java. To intialize instance variables, {} block can be used; this block functions

HTML to HLP Converter

Download this tool and convert any Java API downloaded from the into Windows Help format, the advantage of this is that you can use the inbuilt Search facility that

Checking for Null After New

In lot of places, I have seen developers doing a ‘new’ to instantiate a user-defined data type (Objects) and then later in the source code checking whether this new Object