September 23, 2000

Buffering is on by default in IIS 5

You can speed up ASP by adding the following statement at the beginning of an ASP page: Response.Buffer = True This statement must be executed before any HTML text is

Use Response.IsClientConnected after long queries

When you perform a complex and time-consuming query in your ASP program, you should periodically test whether the client is still connected, using the IsClientConnected method of the Response object,

The MapPath method slows down execution

The Server.MapPath method slightly shows down the execution of your ASP scripts, because IIS has to access some internal variables. For this reason you should try to avoid it if

Avoid querying the ServerVariables collection

You can access a lot of useful information through the ServerVariables collection, but this has a price in terms of performance. More precisely, the first time you reference this collection

Split large HTML tables in smaller ones

In general, a browser can’t render an HTML table before the closing &/TABLE> tag is received. This means that the end user might wait for several seconds before a table