October 6, 2000

Multiple Line Headers on Grids

Question: Can I have multiple line headers on grids? Answer: No, you cannot have multiple line headers on grids in VFP, but you can simulate them by overlapping a shape

ODBC Installation

Question: I’m trying to install the of Informix for WinNT and during the process I get error number 126? Answer: Have you rebooted your system after installing the ODBC? It

Problem with Using Ontape

Question: I am running Informix 7.3 on SCO Openserver 5. I run Ontape every morning and it has been going fine. Starting yesterday I’ve been getting the following error: Archive

Temporary Table Creation

Question: What is the advantage of creating temporary tables? Answer: SQL query optimizers, while usually very efficient and accurate, sometimes refuse to evaluate a query in the most efficient manner.

Creating an Executable File from a Project

Question: I copied my executable file and the VFP6R.DLL, VFPRENU.DLL, FOXUSER.DBF and FOXUSER.FPT files to my user’s PC. When I try to run it, the screen form flashes and the

Maximizing the Browse Window

Question: When I use the BROWSE command it always displays the results in a normal window. Is there a command to maximize the browse window in the program? Answer: The

Informix 9.20 Memory Leak?

Question: Does Informix 9.20 have a memory leak? We’ve doubled our physical memory since upgrading, taken a number of tuning actions, but the product keeps grabbing more memory. No appreciative

Implementing Push Technology in WAP

Question: How can I implement an alert messaging system (such as a system for instant notification of delays in flight schedules) for WAP-enabled devices? Answer: Most phones have e-mail addresses.

Determining the Client

Question: The request.servervariables(“HTTP_USER_AGENT”) method does not seem to return the type of client (e.g., Netscape or Nokia handset) for mobile devices. Is this the correct way to find the type