October 9, 2000

Upgrade Issues with Informix 64-bit Version

Question: I am quite new as an Informix DBA. Our company is currently running the Informix 7.31 32-bit version on a 64-bit processor. They are thinking about upgrading to a

Dropping a Bad Chunk

Question: I have a bad chunk in a dbspace that is bad and marked “down” by Informix. I don’t really care about the data in that chunk anyway, so I

Installation Problem

Question: I am trying to install Informix on Windows NT Server. After installation, I get the following error (after restarting): Columns: 80 Keyboard rate: 31 Keyboard delay: 1 Code page:

Validation on Date Inputs

Question: I’m using Web Datablade and IIF to develop Web pages. I need validation (other than JavaScript) on date inputs. How can I validate dates on IIF, using SPL or

Informix Online Dynamic Server Installation

Question: We have Informix-Online Dynamic Server Version 5.1 running on Sun 4 architecture machines (Sparc 4, Sparc 5, etc.). We plan to upgrade some machine to Ultra 2. I just