October 16, 2000


Question: Which is faster, LOCATE (without parameters) or GO TOP? How fast is the one from the other? Why is one faster than the other? Answer: They are usually equal

Ontape for Backups to Disk

Question: How can ‘Ontape’ functions be used to back up Informix/Lawson DB to disk? Is dbspace required or can a large area in a directory (e.g., /gsc/bigspace) be used? Answer:

Determining Database Size

Question: I am using Informix 7.24 and my raw partitions are getting quite large. Is there a way to tell the size of a database? I could then decide which

Ensuring Database Security

Question: What are some of the ways that databases can be secured so that they can’t be hacked into, etc.? Answer: The first level of security is always the OS

Selective Exchange Restore

Question: Is there a way to perform a selective restore? I need to restore just one mailbox or public folder. I’m using the NT backup/restore utility. Answer: I’m afraid not.

Forms in Informix OnLine 7.2

Question: In Informix SE, I can use ISQL to generate a default form from a table and then query, update, or delete data within the form? How do I do

Memory Initialization Problems

Question: I cannot initialize the program after I have installed it. When I run “oninit”, it seems to work, but then when I run “onstat” it tells me that the

Choosing a Column Depending on Procedure Argument

Question: Can I specify the column I want to select from as an argument to the procedure? Something like: create procedure show_product(language char(2), ID integer) returning char(255);define p_prod_name CHAR (255);select