October 16, 2000

Choosing a Column Depending on Procedure Argument

Question: Can I specify the column I want to select from as an argument to the procedure? Something like: create procedure show_product(language char(2), ID integer) returning char(255);define p_prod_name CHAR (255);select language INTO p_prod_name from productnames where prod_id = ID;return p_prod_name;END PROCEDURE The table productnames would then contain a column for

Memory Initialization Problems

Question: I cannot initialize the program after I have installed it. When I run “oninit”, it seems to work, but then when I run “onstat” it tells me that the server is no longer running. When I type “onmode -k”, I get a message saying it cannot use allocated memory.

Forms in Informix OnLine 7.2

Question: In Informix SE, I can use ISQL to generate a default form from a table and then query, update, or delete data within the form? How do I do this in OnLine 7.2? Answer: Sorry, ISQL doesn’t come with 7.X engines. You’ll need a third-party tool, or you might

Selective Exchange Restore

Question: Is there a way to perform a selective restore? I need to restore just one mailbox or public folder. I’m using the NT backup/restore utility. Answer: I’m afraid not. What you’re talking about is brick backups, which back up and restore a single mailbox or folder. NT Backup doesn’t

Ensuring Database Security

Question: What are some of the ways that databases can be secured so that they can’t be hacked into, etc.? Answer: The first level of security is always the OS security level. If you follow good security practices at the OS level, you’ll greatly enhance your security. After this, use

Determining Database Size

Question: I am using Informix 7.24 and my raw partitions are getting quite large. Is there a way to tell the size of a database? I could then decide which one I would like to delete. Answer: Use onstat -d to see how much of the allocated database space is

Ontape for Backups to Disk

Question: How can ‘Ontape’ functions be used to back up Informix/Lawson DB to disk? Is dbspace required or can a large area in a directory (e.g., /gsc/bigspace) be used? Answer: A big directory is fine. The trick is that when you “change tapes,” you have to rename the disk file


Question: Which is faster, LOCATE (without parameters) or GO TOP? How fast is the one from the other? Why is one faster than the other? Answer: They are usually equal except under one circumstance: when an index is active. LOCATE is Rushmore-Optimized and therefore can take advantage of the current