October 28, 2000

COM+ centric Assert

INTRODUCTION In my latest article here at VB2TheMax, I showed my code structure for COM+ components (Example of code structure for COM+ component) in preparation for a couple of debug

Tricks with Server.MapPath

The Server.MapPath method can be used to retrieve several interesting properties about the running ASP application, for example: ‘ the current directorycurrDir = Server.MapPath(“.”)’ the parent directoryparentDir = Server.MapPath(“..”)’ the

Beware of the Dictionary object in ASP pages

The Scripting.Dictionary object is marked as having a “Both” threading model, which means that you can freely assign it to a Session or an Application variable. However, the actual threading

Response.Buffer and Response.Flush

In order to redirect a web page after you have written to it, you must use a Response.Buffer = true at the top of the page.You may redirect the page