November 14, 2000

Query from One Informix Database to Another

Question: I have two Informix databases existing on a Unix server. How do I write a stored procedure in one database that can access data from the other database? Answer:

Taking the Address of a Member Function

Question: class a;typedef void(a::*func)();class a{protected: int x;public: func f; void fg(){f=&a::as;}; void as();}; This code compiles in Visual C++6.0. However, Borland C 3.1 gives me the following error at line”void


Question: I want to know if the following declaration is possible: int *p;p= new int;int &refval= *p; Answer: It’s valid C++. You’re binding a reference to an l-value of type

Making System Calls in Stored Procedures

Question: I’m writing a procedure to send an e-mail that will receive two parameters: the e-mail address of the recipient and the subject of the e-mail (e-mail content is not