February 21, 2001

Reading From and Writing To a URL

A typical HTML page might contain text fields to send data to the server. The data is submitted by clicking the submit button on the Web page. The browser then

Extracting the Extension of a Filename

The following function returns the extension of the filename that is being passed to it. It also takes into account the facts that a filename can include multiple

A Fast Empty String Compare

It’s faster to retrieve the length of a string and compare the value to zero than it is to compare it to an empty string. This is especially useful in

Handling Pointers Safely

There are various problems regarding pointers that can be handled with the help of macros. Some of these problems are: deleting dangling pointers, deleting pointers other than NULL, and checking

Making a Frame Non-Resizable

Sometimes, you may need to make a Frame or JFrame non resizable. This happens especially when you are using the setBounds method or if you have less components in your