April 24, 2001

Converting Strings Into Integers

To convert character strings into its integer component: #include int ConvertString(char * str){ int result = 0; for (int index = 0; index

Finding the lcm

The need to find the Icm is pretty common in C++ programming. This is just a basic code for finding the lcm of two integers: int lcm(int large, int small){

Enumerate Values For Easy Maintenance

Quite often, we find ourselves using variables to hold one of a set of possible values. For instance, let’s say you have a number of views on a grid. You’ll

Debugging ActiveX EXE Components

Debugging ActiveX EXE components is different from debugging ActiveX DLL components, and a bit more difficult. Here is how to do it: 1. Run your ActiveX EXE component in the

Register/Unregister a DLL or OCX

Sometimes we may need to register/unregister a DLL or OCX programatically. This piece of code can do that. Private Declare Function RegisterDLLOCX Lib _