April 25, 2001

Another Way To Compare Strings

When comparing a string, you can use this: public class compareString{ public static void main(String[] args) { String stringToCompare =

Renaming an Oracle Table

Create a synonym to the table with a new name. A public synonym is accessible by all schemas in the database, not just the user who created the synonym.Here is

Implementing Interfaces on Forms

There is an easy way to make your application respond to data changes in forms, by implementing interfaces on your forms.For example, when you have an order application and insert,

Mutual Exclusion in Servlets

While writing portals using servlets, it is possible for two users to enter the same login name and press request at exactly the same time. It

Reversing Array Elements in O(n/2)

Reversing Array Elements in O(n/2) where n is the number of elements: Public Sub ReverseArray(arrPerson() as String)Dim iIndex As IntegerDim strTemp As String For iIndex=LBound(arrPerson) To UBound2(arrPerson) strTemp=arrPerson(iIndex)arrPerson(iIndex)=arrPerson(UBound(arrPerson)-iIndex+LBound(arrPerson)) arrPerson(UBound(arrPerson)-iIndex)=strTemp NextEnd

Some Notes on the Len() Function

In VB, function Len() is mainly used to return the length of a string.However, if you pass something other than a string type variable as its argument, the result may