August 4, 2001

Swap strings the fast way

Consider the usual way of swapping two strings: Dim s1 As String, s2 As StringDim tmp As String’ initialize the strings s1 = String$(1000, “-“)s2 = String$(1500, “+”)’ do the

Delete a folder and all its subfolders

The RmDir command can delete a directory only if it doesn’t contain files or sub-directories. If the directory you want to delete does contain other files or, worse, subdirectories it

Use Refresh, not DoEvents

The DoEvent statement should be used only to give other portions of your program to be reactive to the end user’s actions. Instead, many VB developers use it to force

Create Your Own VB Add-Ins

Why should you createAdd-Ins? We programmers always feel that we are short of several features whileworking with Microsoft tools, it seems that Microsoft hasn’t yet developed thetool we needed. In