September 1, 2001

Simple Object Access Protocol: A Step-By-Step Approach

n the article, we will create a simple SOAP service, and a client to access thatservice. The service will be in the form of an Active Server Page, which I havecalled soap.asp?it will need to live in the root directory of your Personal Web Service(by default c:inetpubwwwroot) Our service will

SplitMultiSeparators – Split variation that works with multiple separators

‘ a variation of the Split function that works with more than one separators’ note that separators can consists of 2 or more chars’ Example:’ Dim res() As String’ res() = SplitMultiSeparators(“one,two(three four)five”, ” “, “,”, “(“, “)”)Function SplitMultiSeparators(ByVal source As String, _ ParamArray seps() As Variant) As String() Dim

RandomString – Generate a random string using a mask

‘ generate a random string” the mask can contain the following special chars’ ? : any ASCII character (1-127)’ # : a digit’ A : an alphabetic char’ N : an alphanumeric char’ H : an hex char’ all other chars are taken literally’ Example: a random-generated phone number’ phone

ConcatenateFiles – Merge multiple text files in one

‘ Concatenate a variable number of text files into a single result file” Params:’ – ResultFile: the complete path of the result file you want to create’ – Separator: a string that is written when a file is added to the result ‘ file.’ Note: this string can contain the

IsStringUpper – Determine whether a string contains only uppercase chars

Private Declare Function IsCharUpper Lib “user32” Alias “IsCharUpperA” (ByVal _ cChar As Byte) As Boolean’ Check is the specified string is composed only by upper case characters (no ‘ digits and no special chars)’ Example:’ MsgBox “Is upper case? ” & IsStringUpper(“HELLO”)’ MsgBox “Is upper case? ” & IsStringUpper(“HElLO”)Public Function

IsStringLower – Determine whether a string contains only lowercase chars

Private Declare Function IsCharLower Lib “user32” Alias “IsCharLowerA” (ByVal _ cChar As Byte) As Boolean’ Check is the specified string is composed only by lower case characters (no ‘ digits and no special chars)’ Example:’ MsgBox “Is lower case? ” & IsStringLower(“hello”)’ MsgBox “Is lower case? ” & IsStringLower(“heLlo”)Public Function

Orion Application Server: A Hunter in Pursuit

lthough IronFlare’s Orion Application Server is hardly a giant in the app server market, there is no arguing its position as a hunter in pursuit. Orion has quietly grown in popularity and respect as a J2EE application server in Java programming circles thanks to IronFlare’s recent licensing arrangement with Oracle.

Setting the Description of an Add-In

When you use the Add-Ins project template to build your own add-ins, the description of the add-in appearing in the Add-Ins Manager window is always “My Addin.” It isn’t immediately clear how you can change this string. At first, it seems the string corresponds to the project’s Description property, but

Pointers to Member Contravariance

A pointer to member of a base class can be converted to a pointer to a corresponding member of its derived class. The opposite, however, is illegal: you cannot convert a pointer to member of a derived class to a pointer to member of its base class. This rule is

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