SplitMultiSeparators – Split variation that works with multiple separators

' a variation of the Split function that works with more than one separators' note that separators can consists of 2 or more chars' Example:'   Dim res() As String'   res() = SplitMultiSeparators("one,two(three four)five", " ", ",", "(", ")")Function SplitMultiSeparators(ByVal source As String, _    ParamArray seps() As Variant) As String()    Dim i As Integer    Dim sep As String        ' this is the "main" separator    sep = seps(0)    ' replace all other separators in string with the main separator    For i = 1 To UBound(seps)        source = Replace(source, seps(i), sep)    Next    ' now we can apply the standard Split function    SplitMultiSeparators = Split(source, sep)End Function

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