September 11, 2001

Trim the Contents of the Text Box

This tip will trim the contents in the input box of an HTML page using java script. Call the Trim function by sending the Textbox element as the parameter. Example:

Implementing Multilevel Ranking in T-SQL

You might have a table with different PEOs for each Company ID. For example: Table name : tblRankingCid peo———– ———–1 200003311 200006301 200009301 200012312 200003312 200006302 200009302 20001231 To give

C++ Smart Pointers

C++ smart pointers are the idea of using a selector to access a class. This gives the class writer an option to control access to class members and function. For

Get Value from the Control Irrespective of Control Type

This code shows how to get value from the control irrespective of the control type used in the client side Javascript. function GetValue(ControlName,FormName){var Control=document.forms[FormName].elements[ControlName]alert(Control.type) switch(Control.type) { case “select-one”: case “select-multiple”:

Using Count(*)

Using Count(*) is generally better than using Count() with a specific column name, because it gives the query engine the flexibility to find out the row count any way it