September 12, 2001

Shark Attacks, Code Red, and Puerile Press Releases

ept. 12, 2001?This summer, there’s been a huge furor over shark attacks, leading to beach closings and enormous revenue losses for resorts where the attacks have taken place. The massive media coverage has probably caused nearly as much fear as the movie Jaws did some 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the

Quick Recordset Copy to Excel Workbook

One of the most common things VB programmers do with Excel is load data into an Excel worksheet from a Recordset object. The method I see used most often to do this is looping through each column and row of the recordset, placing the values individually into the corresponding cells

Obtain a Regional Decimal Character Without an API

Use this function to read a number decimal symbol from regional settings: Sub Form_Load()Dim DecS As StringDecS = ReadDecimalSymbol()End SubFunction ReadDecimalSymbol() As StringReadDecimalSymbol = Mid$(CStr(1.1), 2, 1)End Function

Retrieve File Descriptions

This routine takes a passed filename as an argument and generates a description for it. It returns the same string as Windows Explorer does when it has been set to Details view. For example, if you pass the file to the routine, it returns the string “MS-DOS Application.” For