November 9, 2001

Test if a Character in a String is a Letter

There is a simple way to test if a character in a string is a letter.Just by using the UCase() And LCase() functions. Public Function IsLetter(Char As String) As Boolean

Change the Key for an Object in a Collection

I have created a generic function for changing the key for an object in a collection: ‘Module: Module1 Option Explicit Public Function ChangeKey(Object As Object, NewKey As String, Collection As

Clear a Collection

The fastest way to clear a collection is just to set the variable to a new Collection object. However, if it’s necessary to free the references the collection is keeping,

Making a Clone of a Java Object

You cannot make a separate location to assign one object to another. By implementing a Cloneable interface and calling the clone() method, you can make a separate location for the