November 24, 2001

Use a ParamArray as a true array

Unlike VB6, in VB.NET the ParamArray keyword defines a true array object, which you can process using any of the methods of the Array class. For example, here’ s a

Exception debugging in Visual Studio .NET

The Visual Studio debugger offers complete control on what happens when an application throws an exception, or calls a .NET method that throws an exception. You set all the relevant

Leverage the improved Shell function

The version of the Shell function included in VB.NET expands on the original version and supports an additional argument that enables you to specify whether to wait until the shelled

Lessons Learned in Enterprise Design and VB6

t’s now been more thantwo years since I wrote the article “18 CommonProgramming Traps in MTS.” The article wasgreat fun to write, and I received, and in fact am still