December 8, 2001

Don’t store object variables in the SPM

Some MTS/COM+ newbies wonder whether it is legal to store object variables in the SPM. No, you can’t!! the SPM is unaware of Apartment marshaling issues. If you ask the

Never use New to create MTS/COM+ objects

A common question among VB developers is: Why is it dangerous the use of the New keyword in VB to create COM objects registered under MTS/COM+? The New keyword is

Misconceptions on variables and binding

Consider this line of code: Dim x as Project1.Class1 Many developers think that we were declaring x as a “Project1.Class1” object. This is wrong. All object variables in VB are

Don’t let binary compatibility beat you

When you decide to release a new version of an MTS/COM+ component you should take care of its compatibility with the previous version. There are three types of changes you

Obtain a Regional Decimal Character without an API

Use this function to read a number decimal symbol from regional settings: Sub Form_Load()Dim DecS As StringDecS = ReadDecimalSymbol()End SubFunction ReadDecimalSymbol() As StringReadDecimalSymbol = Mid$(CStr(1.1), 2, 1)End Function

Authenticate Component Usage

Bundling functionality and program logic into an ActiveX DLL is an excellent form of encapsulation. But even when you expose functionality to your client application, you don