May 8, 2002

Use VB6 ActiveX controls with VB.NET

It is possible to use VB6 ActiveX controls – such as ADO Data Control, Chart Control, Comm Control, and the Windowless controls – with the designer of Visual Studio .NET, but you may encounter problems when doing so because VS.NET doesn’t come with the design-time license for these controls, therefore

Unload setup projects before running the Inheritance Picker

If your solution contains a setup project and this setup project has been built at least once, you get an Assembly Load error when you run the Inheritance Picker in order to inherit from an existing form in your main project. This problem occurs because the setup project generates several

Allow Interval Greater Than Timer Controls

When you need a timer for a larger interval than the Timer control allows, insert this code into a BAS module. The procedure starts when the timer interval has passed: Dim lTimerId As LongPrivate Declare Function SetTimer Lib “user32” _(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal nIDEvent As _Long, ByVal uElapse As

Load Form Controls into a Variable Array in ASP

If you have dynamically generated form controls on a Web page, all with the same name, this is a good way to parse out each control’s value and load them into a variable array in ASP without too much of a headache.

Bind Option Buttons to Data Controls

The Option button is a convenient way to display multiple options from which only one can be selected. One problem is that the Option button cannot be bound to a data control. Here

Format Your Version Info

Many professional applications are required to display a version number on all screens to indicate to users which version of the app is currently running. This also helps with configuration management. Here