May 14, 2002

Send NET SEND Messages

This code is how to send NET SEND messages to all the connected SQL Server users in an NT local area network: CREATE PROC notify_users(@notification VARCHAR(100) = ‘SQL Server shutting

Passing Arrays by Value

It has already been said many times that (a) std::vector is preferred to c-style arrays, and (b) Arrays, vectors, and other data structures should preferably be passed by reference.While this

Making a Class Final

The following code explains how to make a class that is final, meaning that it cannot be derived further. class FinalBase{ FinalBase() {} friend class Final;};class Final : private virtual

Save Expensive Heap Allocations

Fixed-size arrays in local variables use a stack-allocated descriptor as expected, but all the data for an array is allocated on the heap. However, fixed-size arrays embedded in structures are