August 19, 2002

How To Capture a Mouse Without SetCapture

typedef BOOL ( CALLBACK *REPEATUNTILRELEASECALLBACK )( POINTptScreen, LPARAM lParam );BOOL RepeatUntilRelease( HWND hWnd, REPEATUNTILRELEASECALLBACKfctRepeatUntilRelease, LPARAM lParam, RECT* prtClipping, UINT vk ){ MSG message; ZeroMemory( &message, sizeof(message) ); if ( IsWindow(

Executing a Member Function After main() Terminates

You can execute any member function or any other execution after a termination of main() function by using “#pragma exit.”Here’s the syntax: #pragma exit [priority] //withoutsemicolon Now, here’s an example: