October 30, 2002

Learning to Draw in Macromedia Flash MX

ith the release of Flash MX, Macromedia continues to evolve the Web’s most popular multimedia authoring program. Flash’s prominence as an indispensable tool for both designers and developers reflects the typical Web surfer’s growing demand for more sophisticated animation and interaction. However, many creators who work with Flash MX remain

Building Internationalized J2EE Web Applications for Disparate Clients

n today’s competitive world many businesses are becoming global in order to reach the widest possible target audience. That’s a problem, because applications developed by those organizations must be suitable for use by customers in many countries who speak and understand different languages. To complicate matters further, the formerly limited

SWT, XML Put True Cross-platform GUIs Within Reach

he Java world has a new toy called SWT (the Standard Widget Toolkit), created by IBM and integrated with the Eclipse development environment. SWT is a platform-specific runtime that exposes “widget” objects such as text boxes, scrollbars, and other familiar GUI controls to Java developers, but uses JNI to make