December 20, 2002

New Eclipse Project Addresses Automated Software Quality

Final – For Release December 17, 2002 New Eclipse Project Addresses Automated Software Quality Open-source framework is basis for extending development platform to support deployment evaluation “Project Hyades” Builds upon Eclipse Modeling Framework December 17, 2002. Eclipse has launched a new open-source project focused on full lifecycle integration of advanced

Reflection Part I: Discovery and Execution

eflection in .NET is an exciting new tool for most developers. This article shows you how to use reflection to discover objects at runtime that you did not know existed at design time, create an instance of those objects, and execute methods of those objects. What Is Reflection?Reflection is a

Dynamically Executing Code in .NET

xecuting code dynamically at runtime is a powerful tool to allow users to customize applications after deployment. .NET provides all the tools that make it possible to build code on the fly, compile it and run it dynamically. I come from an xBase background and have been using Visual FoxPro