February 8, 2003

Merge VBL Files into Your Registry

Use this tip when developing ActiveX components and testing ActiveX OCXs that require license files. These Registry entries allow you to merge VBL file contents into the Registry. You add

Open Namespace Objects From VB

As you probably know, you can open an Explorer window on a directory from VB by using the intrinsic Shell function: Dim TaskId As LongTaskId = Shell(“Explorer c:”, vbNormalFocus) But

Duck the Modal Form PopupMenu Bug

Microsoft confirms this bug: If an application contains at least two forms, and one of those forms is displayed modally using a PopupMenu on another form, a PopupMenu on the

Quick Split

When you use the Split function from VB6 or VBScript, sometimes you need only a single value and not the whole array. To do this, you can reference the element