March 18, 2003

Random Ramblings

elcome to this first issue of 2003. We have some interesting things in this issue for you. The first item to note is our coverage of Visual C++ 2003. YES,

Customize the Windows Forms DataGrid Control

hen I first met the ASP.NET DataGrid control, it was love at first sight. Together we built several applications, taught dozens of classes, published countless articles and tips; we even

Become a Cross-platform Wireless UI Expert

he promise of write-once-run-anywhere is arguably more attractive and far more economically advantageous for developers targeting mobile devices; mobile hardware is so diverse that cutting development time by writing one

Reevaluating the Wireless World

everal months ago I sat down to write an editorial for DevX, which I had tentatively titled “Where’s My Wireless Killer App?” The premise of this editorial was to be,

Examining Developers’ Artillery

he job ahead of creating new wireless applications and extending traditional desktop applications to mobile devices is somewhat ominous, but the good news, according to Gartner Research Analyst Theresa Lanowitz,