May 30, 2003

Book Excerpt: Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials

his book explores the full spectrum of wireless networks including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G. You’ll also find easy-to-understand guidelines and pointers on how to implement a mobile and wireless application

Changing the Column Name Through StoredProcedure Dynamically

Here’s the syntax for the stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[RenameColumn] @tblname as varchar(50), @oldcolnameas varchar(50), @newcolname as varchar(50)ASdeclare @tblColname varchar(100)set @tblColname = @tblname +’.’ + @oldcolnameBEGIN TRANSACTIONSET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ONSET TRANSACTION

An Alternative to StringTokenizer

Suppose you have a String containing comma-separated substrings. In order to access the substrings individually, you’d normally rely on a StringTokenizer. And if you wanted to put the substrings in