August 5, 2003

Sequence a Number Field Without an Identity Column

To begin, create a table with dummy records: Create table Table1 ( [Record Value] varchar(20), [Record Date] smalldatetime)goinsert into table1 values (‘Record 1′,’07/21/2003’)insert into table1 values (‘Record 2′,’07/22/2003’)insert into table1

Create Unconventional Windows to Dazzle Users

When designing a portion of an application that must grab users’ attention quickly&3151;such as your companys splash screen?you might want to create a nonrectangular window. This code shows you how

Format Strings in Proper Case

VBScript does not support the StrConv() function, which is useful to format strings in proper case. Use this algorithm to help you: Public Function StrConv( _ ByVal psString, ByVal plFormat)