December 3, 2003

Develop for the SmartPhone Using Techniques You Already Know

martPhones are the new devices that are said to be the death knell of the PDA and its clones. You can leverage your existing .NET skills and be among the first developers making expert apps for the SmartPhone. This article will get you familiar with the SmartPhone development environment, covering

Java Copier Frees You from Tedious Coding

ometimes Java classes seem like close relatives who unfortunately don’t have the same parent. Their structures and looks are similar, but not so similar that you can derive one from the other. For example, two Java files might share a large part of their structures but significantly differ in details,

Load Testing with Apache JMeter

bad response time on your Web site can drive away visitors and prospective customers. Unfortunately, you may not realize that your Web site is having problems until people start complaining. To gain a more quantitative insight as to what your site can handle, you need a way to simulate and

Building a Commercial App
Part III: Getting Started with Source Code

In Part I we mapped out the plan: We will build, test, and try to sell a small commercial BREW-based application. In Part II, we created our .MIF file and generated a ClassID for the app. What’s next?True BREW Testing (TBT) is no longer subsidized, so I’ve decided to use