February 20, 2004

.NET Gripes and XAML Worries

ike many of you, I spend my days and nights building applications in Visual Studio .NET. I have been developing “real” applications in this tool for around a year and

C# 2.0 Code Refactoring

he next version of C# will feature a code refactoring engine built into the Visual Studio environment. A term coined by Martin Fowler, code refactoring allows you to change the

Creating Web Sites with ASP.NET Whidbey

e remember clearly the time period before ASP.NET 1.0 shipped. While building applications using ASP, we said over and over “I sure wish we could use this stuff right now,”

Finalize(): Knowing Where You Are

ou know what happens when an expensive lightweight bicycle attached firmly to the top of a two-ton vehicle moving at approximately five miles per hour hits an immovable house? Figure

Exploring New WinForm Controls in VS .NET Whidbey

he WinForm controls provided by the .NET Framework 1.1 are extremely useful, and the framework for developing new custom controls provided in 1.1 is very strong, but sometimes the development

The Mind of an Angry Coder: Waiting to Inhale

ny Microsoft-sponsored conference, whether it be Tech?Ed or the PDC, ends up being a double-edged sword. You find out about all sorts of great tools and technologies that Microsoft is