February 26, 2004

Create Python Executables Automatically

his article shows you how to automate the task of creating Python executables via py2exe using Python itself. I call the Python file containing the code makeExe.py. This technique requires only one file, makeExe.py; it creates all other necessary files at run-time. First, a short review on the process of

JBoss Meets Eclipse: Introducing the JBoss-IDE

Boss, the open source, J2EE-based application server, has been a favorite of the Java community for a long time. But recently JBoss got a handy new toolkit, thanks to Eclipse—one that may just help the product go from full steam to mainstream. While JBoss has always been applauded for being

Whidbey Simplifies Browser Client Script Callbacks

here are plenty of good reasons to anticipate Whidbey, among which are a number of enhancements for client script support, including new attributes and a ClientScriptManager class to handle client scripts. However, perhaps the most welcome client-script enhancement feature is Whidbey’s support for remote server callbacks using client script. Refreshing

RSA Security Conference: Identify, Protect, and Patch, Patch, Patch

San Francisco—“Resiliency” seemed to be the catchword today at the 13th annual RSA Security conference—and not just the resiliency of networks and applications to withstand an increasingly fierce and malicious global computing environment, but the resiliency of companies, of economies, of an industry, and even, arguably, of Microsoft. Despite an