April 22, 2004

EJB and RMI: A Practical Introduction

ince their introduction in 1997, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) have represented a new direction in the development, installation, and management of distributed Java applications in the enterprise. The surprisingly powerful RMI ushered Java developers into the world of distributed object transactions, while the componential architecture of

Put a 24-hour Lockdown on Your .NET UIs

o you really think user interface security comprises slapping a login screen in front your application the way you’d slap cheese on a turkey sandwich? For some of you it will suffice, after all, all things are relative. What one considers to be secure another may find woefully inadequate. Thus,

Opinion: Making the Daily Build Your Daily Grind

raditionally, integration testing is something that is done right at the end of a project: Developers check-in their code and a build team is tasked with compiling everything and creating an installation program that can be deployed for acceptance testing. This is where the problems start, with broken builds, missing