April 27, 2004

Two Methods to Remove Duplicates in an ArrayList

Here are two methods that allow you to remove duplicates in an ArrayList. removeDuplicate does not maintain the order where as removeDuplicateWithOrder maintains the order with some performance overhead. The

Find Out Who Is Accessing Your ServerSocket

Use this code to find out who is accessing your ServerSocket: Socket aSock = myServerSocket.accept();System.out.println (“Connection from : ” + aSock.getInetAddress().getHostAddress() + ‘:’ + aSock.getPort());

Close and Save All Except Your Current Window

When you’re working on large projects, it’s common to have a bunch of open windows cluttering your desktop. Closing all the windows you’re not working on is tedious. To automate

Building Custom Installer Classes in .NET

isual Studio setup projects provide a quick and easy way for end-users to deploy your application, whether it is a Web site, Windows NT service, smart client, or Web service.