May 27, 2004

Generate a String of Specified Characters and of Desired Length

The following function generates a string of specified characters and of desired length: public static String getStringOfChars(char ch,int length) { StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer(); sb.setLength(length); return sb.toString().replace(‘u0000’,ch); }

Use C#’s Reflection to Retrieve Application Information

Just as you can reflect, it’s possible to have a C# program reflect upon itself. For example, you can have a class reflect upon itself and this will tell you the methods or properties it contains. You’ll find that being able to reflect on a program, a class, a type,

Build an XML Data Extension for SQL Server Reporting Services

QL Server Reporting Services (RS) is: A new component of the SQL Server platform that Microsoft recently made available (January 27, 2004) A server-based package that comes in four configurations: Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Developer Edition, and Evaluation Edition Part of the SQL Server 2000 license (If you have a

SQL Server 2000 Replication 101: Replication Agents

eplication agents are the basic components of SQL Server 2000 replication. Before you settle on the type of replication you want in your application architecture, it is important to understand how each type of replication works and what agents they use. Since the different types of replication use different combinations

Big Tech·Ed Accelerates Big-Tech Breeding Frenzy

o matter what Microsoft representatives said this week at its Tech·Ed conference in San Diego, the message that the company is delivering to the roughly 11,000 IT administrators and developers in attendance is that Microsoft has grown up. There’s nothing micro about Microsoft any more. From Office to Exchange to