September 8, 2004

Use the <map> Library to Create Associative Containers

elational databases, scientific apps, and Web-based systems often need a vector-like container whose index can be of any type, not necessarily int. Such containers are known as associative containers or maps. For instance, a directory service application can store private names as indexes and phone numbers as their associated values:

Create a LAMP Search Engine Using Multithreaded Perl

ntil recently, people argued that Perl did not have stable multithreaded capabilities. This article presents a Perl application for which using multithreading capabilities makes sense: a Web crawler with all the necessary components of a basic search engine. The downloadable code includes the MySQL database creation scripts, Perl code, and

Divided Loyalty: Create Plugins that Work in Eclipse and NetBeans

e’ve come a long way from the days when the tools to which we most often turned to support us in developing applications were off-the-shelf commercial products. Today, thousands of developers have already adopted the open source frameworks Eclipse and NetBeans, and they haven’t looked back. One of the advantages

Orchestrate an Efficient .NET Network Using the WMI Event Model

f there were an election for the most underrated .NET framework technology, I’d vote for WMI. ADO.NET and Web services seem to get all the marketing attention, and technical publications can’t get enough Reflection. But WMI exposes an entire universe of system information, and here?s the best part: it?s not